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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hawaii Experiencing a Shortage of Doctors

According to a report issued by the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine's Area Health Education Center, Hawaii currently has a shortage of 890 doctors. Furthermore, with almost one-third of the state's doctors reaching retirement age within the next five years, this shortage is expected to increase to as high as 1,500 doctors by 2020.  Things are particularly bad on the neighbor islands, which seems to have a harder time attracting physicians then Oahu.

If someone were to look at the Hawaii medical want ads, things do not appear so bad as there are fewer then 40 positions currently open at larger hospital or medical providers. This is because traditionally a high percentage of physicians would open their own primary care practices in their neighborhoods.  However, many new graduates today prefer not to have the stress and headache of running their own business and prefer to obtain a "job" at a large hospital.  Large hospitals are simply not hiring enough new doctors to fill the needs of the Hawaiian islands.

Source: Honolulu Star Advertiser, 1-20-2015,
Posted by Jeff Uyemura-Reyes, Principal Broker, REALTOR®
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